Andrea Bertazzi

Il Roccolo

Agricultural company producing wine and oil

“Simplicity, hospitality, smile and courtesy are fundamental ingredients for our company and we try to pass them on to all the people who come to visit us to taste our products”.

Who we are

Our history

Roccolo is the name of a small slender construction, built on the base of a medieval tower surrounded by trees, built on top of a hill. Located in the heart of the company, it is surrounded by vineyards and olive groves with a splendid view of the beautiful Lake Garda.

The workmanship

The quality and authenticity of the products are born from our family’s passion for the countryside and its fruits. All processing phases are oriented to the naturalness of the product. The farm lands are cultivated with the utmost respect for the environment: the integrated pest control method is used to combat vine pests in order to limit the use of chemical products as much as possible.

Many of the jobs in the vineyard and olive grove are carried out by hand trying to reduce the use of agricultural vehicles. In the front, all stages of winemaking – from fermentation to bottling – are constantly followed by us with the supervision and advice of the oenologist, with the aim of enhancing the natural characteristics of the grape itself and offering healthy and pleasant wines. For bottling we use light glass bottles that will have a lower recycling cost after use and consequent energy savings.

“Wine is the most hygienic and healthy drink known to man”

Luigi Pasteur

Il Roccolo

Via Giuseppe Zanardelli, 49
25080 Polpenazze del Garda – Brescia
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