Extra virgin olive oil Garda DOP

This oil is produced with olives from olive trees selected in variety and quality. The olive varieties are Casaliva, Frantoio, Leccino and pendolino. Harvest period late October first week of November. This CSQA Dop Garda certified oil is traced at every stage of processing, from olive groves to exclusively signed and numbered bottles. The sensorial characteristics of Garda oil are, medium fruity smell of fresh grass, aromatic herbs, hay, artichoke, which spread in a delicate balanced taste with hints of almond and delicate bitter and spicy perceptible in the throat. Garda oil is a food of ancient and famous tradition and is produced at the northernmost latitude in the world, thanks to the microclimate of the lake. Numerous documentary sources dating back to different historical periods, starting from the Middle Ages and several literary works by Catullo, Goethe and D ’Annunzio, testify to the significant presence of the olive tree on the territory bathed by the waters of Lake Garda. The Garda dop oil can be used for many preparations in the kitchen both raw and for cooking, to accompany dishes based on lake and sea fish, pinzimoni, cooked or raw meats, cheeses, sauces, bruschetta, vegetables, desserts and many other. Available in bottles of cl 0.50 and cl. 0.25.

100% Italian extra virgin olive oil

This oil is characterized by its delicacy, balance and ease of combination with many dishes. Made with Casaliva, Frantoio, Leccino and pendolino olives. Its delicate aroma recalls wild field herbs, the taste is perceived vegetal, sweet and slightly spicy notes. It can be used to cook, fry, marinate or season raw dishes based on fish, meat, vegetables, sauces, cheeses. Available in bottles of cl. 0,75.

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